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Post a fact about yourself...


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I absolutely love doing yard work. This is my sickness.

I can bypass going to the gym but I couldn't resist working outside my backyard.

Raking, mowing, cleaning, etc. - this is better than a workout at the gym.

Cali Ed

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Hey Linus
Good to see you in here. :)

My fact? Not as wild about yardwork as Linus appears to be but don't mind the "workout" aspects of it. In fact, it's often my motivation when I do go out and do it.


Hi all. My fact? I have been married for 39 years and have two beautiful daughters. The oldes,t after getting two BA degrees and a MA degree and is now going to college. The youngest has a BA and is also now in in college. Someday they may even get a fulltime job. :lol Life seemed so much easier or at least less complicated when I was young.

Cali Ed

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Anne's here! :)

Another fact: I wasn't sure of it when I signed up, but I've really enjoyed the high school football officiating I've done this year.


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I bungy jumped for the first time in my life in Queenstown, New Zealand, in February, 2013.