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School Choice


Idi Admin
Wouldn't it be nice if we could extent the benefits of the 'fair chance and fair shot' mantra to even inner city poor kids? Imagine as a parent, having a bright kid with all the potential of having a better life than you could ever provide...by getting your kid an education at a better and more competitive school, than the crapper with crap teachers in your crap neighborhood, because that's what your government mandates? School by district, period. Unless you have the $$$ to send them to private like all the poor people don't.

This is what Trump the racist idiot is proposing....school choice for those with the potential and hunger to do better.

How could the Dems have so counterintuitively left this flank open to their political opposition for so long? But when you're sold out to the union....of course it makes sense over a charter school. Anyway, I believe this was a mistake, perhaps even a yuge one...and it's going to get exploited. It'll be interesting to see how the Dems attack this.