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FI Keepers Money League


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Yeah, it was a potential problem with goalie hoarding, esp. with 14 teams it's impossible for everyone to have 3 starters.

Also the goalie scoring was totally out of whack in the 1st season of this league. I can't remember if we added the "max 6" rule earlier, or because of this, but the problem was fixed at the end of that season.


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A reminder to everyone to get your $20 in.

I'd suggest a roster lock for anyone not paid by like Wednesday.


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Also a reminder that this league has its own message board section. I forgot it was there when I made this post, so perhaps HP can move this thread (and also the keepers thread) over to that board. Update your bookmarks if you need to, here's the link:



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If someone wants to hoard goalies I don’t see what’s wrong with that... Promps trade scenarios and it is a keeper league after all. I’m good with wtv tho. Just don’t see Anything wrong with any strategy one chooses.

Also wanted to know how standings work for playoff seeding? Is it win/loss record? Or points? Or fanpoints?

And lastly what’s the pot? And is it just first place winning cash ?