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GDT #62: Canes @ Leafs


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How the **** is that a penalty? He was going for the puck.

They're going to have to put their emergency goalie in lmao. They better not lose now.


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Doesnt even hit him intentionally....he reaches for the puck....doesn't look at him and even pits out his hand to just push the player out of the way. Fucking charging?


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Unfortunate result but how the **** is Clifford penalized there? The officiating is a real concern in this league


What I’ve learned is that a new play should be to allow your goalie to skate up ice cause you can’t do anything to them anywhere on the ice.


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Svech checks Barrie from behind. 2 minutes. Clifford gets to puck before goalie a million feet out of net gets to puck. 5 minute Major. Perfect sense