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GDT: Game #36, @ Toronto, Wednesday, April 7th 7:30EST


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So a 36-year old on a league minimum contract is this teams Hart nominee?

Habs need a scorer more than a Dman at deadline - both preferably.


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Were they really pumping in a go leafs go chant?

If Habs pump in ole I'll find a new team


Dano is playing better, but with current Suzuki and Dano situation Habs will not last long in playoff.

And Drouin... 2 goals in 36 games and still getting top minutes, can't stand this guy anymore, he needs to go this summer.


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People rag on Suzuki but he has still been one of the best forwards this year.
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And PP goals count too, a painful reminder for Habs fan.

Not a knock on Gallagher, he’s great and was clearly missed last night. But that’s a misleading comparison.