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OT: American Politics


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How dare they #cancelculture my overthrow of the democratic political establishment. Dont they know that the only acceptable behaviour is yonquietly enable us by providing the services we need to overthrow the country in exchange for small amounts of money? The audacity of these fucking socialists, refusing to debase themselves for my money (in very small amounts)

I posted it because all these right wingers reflexively scream "freedom of speech" anytime a social media platform clamps down...they all look stupid now since Amazon Cloud, the Apple Store, and AirBnB don't want any part in helping terrorists.


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I mean what are the odds he actually gets impeached realistically?

Also can’t wait to see what Trump has on Lindsey Graham.


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He'll definitely be impeached. He won't be convicted, because convicting a former president would set a bad precedent or something like that.