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OT: American Politics


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I dunno, after watching that clip, I think that was some deliberate and clever work by Brady.

He left that vague enough that MAGA's could easily interpret that as Brady throwing one of Trump's main Biden insults and his election fraud claims right in Biden's face. Or if you're not in the MAGA cult, it could easily be interpreted as poking fun at Trump.
To me, he is openly mocking Trump. There’s nothing veiled there. But a devoted MAGAT will probably see something else if they want to. Or they’ll try to cancel Tom Brady.

The words themselves don’t even really matter though. Brady could have gone to the mic and said “Fuck Trump” and burned a picture of Dorito Jesus and the devoted MAGATS would see that as some subliminal genius pro-Trump message.


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Magats are trying to spin this as though Brady was actually secretly making fun of Biden. Trump may have few enough brain cells to believe it. If Trump still had social media it would have been an epic angry toilet 5AM tweetstorm either way.

How I wish the ban would be lifted for a day.

Trump idolizes Brady; pursued his friendship, name dropped him every chance he got ("me and him are winners")

The tweet storm would have been epic.


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Conservatives should be all about vaccines -- if delta hits, they will see another big wave of stimulus (communist) cheques


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From their choices you can tell they are taking it seriously..
Just like giving the nuclear button (Codes already entered) to a group of 5 year olds and tell them not to press the button then go elsewhere.. leaving them alone in an otherwise empty room.

Also Heath Ledger's Joker :)

Also like dressing up as Bozo the clown for a divorce hearing.. (With judge)

Showing up after taking a full load of laughing gas to a Funeral..

so many more options :)