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OT: Coronavirus Resources - and other things to not worry about

Wayward DP

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My fear, perhaps misplaced, is that new and more wicked variants will be relentlessly generated in places where mass vaccination is not gonna happen, and that one of the variants will f@ck us all.
this is a reasonable fear I think. we just have to hope the vaccines can keep up.


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137,697 doses administered yesterday.1.2m doses in freezers with another 1.45m doses coming next week. Yeah, if we don't pick our shit up and start exceeding 150,000 doses per day we're going to fall way behind. No reason why 150,000 should be classified as our "capacity." We can do better. And we should.
141,765 doses administered yesterday. ~1.06m in freezers. If we continue to average 130,000 per day till our next shipment (assuming another dropoff on the weekends), that'll take us down to around 410,000 doses remaining which isn't terrible.

And then we get 1.45m doses next week so we're back up to around 1.85m doses (with the first ~787,000 arriving Tuesday and the rest coming a bit later). In fairness I am not sure any of the ~300,000 AZ will be used anytime soon so we can drop that down to around 1.5m doses between Pfizer and Moderna next week. 150,000 daily average should be the baseline or we start falling behind way more than I'd prefer!!!


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My MIL got her second jab today and I'm not sure I agree with that prioritization! She was previously infected. Those previously infected should be at the back of the line for their second dose.

She is a nurse so she is being prioritized along with ME and some others out there .

The elderly don't really get as much benefit on one dose as some others do. They're still dying at pretty high rates. We should really be prioritizing their second doses, at the very least before the 12-15 group. Whether it's 60+, 70+ or 80+ I don't know the answer to that.. But we should probably get those jabs in them sooner rather than later.


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That takes Canada to 25.6m doses after next week, which is more than likely enough for everyone to have 1 dose assuming pretty good uptake. Now unloading the supply is questionable but we better ramp the fuck up.