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OT: The Toronto Blue Jays


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Anyways, the bottom line is that I think th intelligence and competence of pro sports front office guys and coaches is severely overestimated, generally.

Most of these dudes are ex-players that skipped their way through all their high-school classes and in college as well (if they even attended post-secondary).

And/or they’re pure nepotism hires.


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I know this is the legend and everything, but to believe this you'd have to think the entire Leafs org mistook Jeff Finger for Kurt Sauer. not just Cliff Fletcher.

Why would it take the entire organization? Would take Ron, Cliff, and then maybe a small handful of people who may or may not have had a clue what Ron was talking about.

Shit, you want to see what our front office looked like during that era, just turn on TSN or the fan. Poulin, Button, Watters.

The incompetence you note as a requirement for this kind of fuck up is not a bridge too far imo. The chuckleheads we've had in our front office over the years are 100% capable of that.


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And it’s also well-documented that Ron Wilson is an arrogant, overly self-confident idiot who’s not exactly a meticulous details-oriented guy.

Can definitely picture that man assuming that he was remembering correctly that Finger was the dude he wanted and doing exactly zero research to confirm that he’s right.
Anyone remembers if they won that game?


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