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OT:World Politics


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thanks for this.

I had to skip ahead some but finally around the 20-25 minute mark they talk about seeking a fourth term.

This is where Evo shows the narcissism that has allowed this situation to unfold the way it has.

First, he didn't choose to run, the people wanted him to run, thus he had to listen to them.

Second, without him as leader, the country is doomed to instability.

Third, points to Germany and Spain saying that they are allowed to be in power as long as they want according to their constitution so to question him doing it must be because they are hate indegeneous people. (Never mind his constitution)

But he does say that his party is still the biggest and they have many fine candidates so he has no choice but to stand with whoever the party chooses.

If only he had thought that instead of everything else, he would have great reputation intact as a wonderful statesman, not a budding dictator.


The message is pretty straightforward ... when the US/UK/SA topple regimes by funding and arming religious nuts, all hell breaks loose. See, for example, Libya.