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OT:World Politics


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it's funny that they think they're some kind of relevant state or something where the Great Leader's death would have to be concealed. for what reason? who is it they think they're deceiving?


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If there is still any confusion about his health behind-the-scenes, people are probably terrified because if they say anything and it turns out he's still alive they will be executed.


am I missing something here? generally democratic elections are not compatible with coups?
The pretext of the coup was election fraud and the fringe right-wingers who installed themselves obviously felt the need to say they'd hold elections. Yet these did not come freely. Bolivians protested relentlessly for these elections under threat of state-sanctioned violence that produced a few massacres. The 'government' kept promising and delaying the election until they finally relented.

Surprise, surprise, they voted for the socialists again.