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Put your horrible Predictions here-2023-24 takes on what will NOT happen in the NHL!

Isnt Jeff Skinner their 2nd best goal scorer as well?

Probably, depending on how you feel about Tuch's weirdo 27 yr old breakout.

That's my core issue with anyone pumping the Sabres. Even if you ignore the goalie thing and think that Dahlin-Power are a pending stud duo (I love Dahlin, and think he's on his way to perennial Norris consideration....Power not so much). I struggle with taking all of these weirdo career seasons as for real and buying Buffalo imo requires you to buy that all of these career years/production spikes that happened last year are for real.
Also, i suspect more teams take the Sabres seriously this year. I know if i played for a team that wasn't the Sabres and i heard all this Sabres talk i'd probably be more motivated to play hard against them than in years past when it was lol Buffalo.
Pretty sure you’d play hard anyway since there are a lot of good looking hockey players on pretty much every team. Tell me I’m wrong.
Pretty sure you’d play hard anyway since there are a lot of good looking hockey players on pretty much every team. Tell me I’m wrong.
There are soft spots on the schedule for every team every year and Buffalo i imagine has been one of those for a long long time.

Its very easy for me to think they caught people off guard by not being terrible ( which they have been forever) and are instead decent, which is a far cry from usurping teams like Boston, Florida and Tampa

Sabres got holes
The big shift in quality imo is coaches choosing to give you the backup goalie. When you're a bottom 10 team, you're going to see a lot more backup goalies than a top 10 team is.
Even just taking a quick look at Buffalo's results last year, they shit pumped a bunch of #2 & #3 goalies in the first half. Nedelkovic, Dell, Hellburg, Copley, Merzlikins, etc.
Why does JB like Boston for a playoff run? Because Patrice Bergeron is coming-out of retirement by early 2024'


1) Jersey - 115
2) Toronto - 114
3) Carolina - 112
4) Rangers - 106
5) Boston - 102
6) Florida - 99
7) Tampa - 96
8) Islanders - 96
9) Pittsburgh - 94
10) Washington - 93
11) Buffalo - 91
12) Ottawa - 88
13) Detroit - 84
14) Columbus - 78
15) Montreal - 71
16) Philly - 63


1) Vegas - 110
2) Colorado - 109
3) LA Kings - 109
4) Edmonton - 106
5) Dallas - 105
6) Winnipeg - 102
7) Seattle - 101
8) Minnesota - 98
9) Calgary - 97
10) Vancouver - 92
11) St Louis - 85
12) Arizona - 72
13) Anaheim - 71
14) Nashville -70
15) Chicago - 68
16) San Jose - 57

Art Ross - Connor
Rocket - Auston
Selke - Auston
Hart - Auston
Calder - Connor 2.0
Norris - Quinn Hughes
Vezina - Sorokin

ECF: Leafs vs Canes
WCF: Avs vs Kings
SCF: Leafs vs Avs

Well, my predictions are already fucked
I kid, but I'm still bullish on most of mine

- Avs bounce back with an Avs vs Leafs finals I'm still bullish on
- Hughes Norris looks like a nice call early on
- Auston bounce back his been wobbly by his standards, but he's definitely a rocket richard favourite again
- I felt the Kings were being slept on, and though Talbot won't give them a .930 forever, they're gud.
- Winnipeg bounce back seems in play

- The other 3 western teams, jeebus. Way wrong on all 3 so far.
- Wrong on Philly so far, though I'm pretty sure they actually suck and will end up sucky despite the decent start
- Jersey slow slow out of the gate, ECHL level goaltending is like the spanish inquisition. No one expects the spanish inquisition.
- Seattle might be dogshit
- Connor, why you treat me like animal?
- It's only 11 games, but Sorokin being shit wasn't on the bingo card either.