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Shout out any past Maple Leaf


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Shouting out a line here...

Gary Roberts - Alyn McCauley - Jonas Hoglund

My role that spring wasn’t planned – I can guarantee you,” he laughed. “It all happened as the result of a mistake on the line-up card for Game 5 of our first-round series with the Islanders. Pat Quinn put down Mikael Renberg’s name next to Robert Reichel’s number, if I remember correctly, and that disqualified both players from the game; they were pulled off the bench just before the national anthems. With Mats injured, it left us with only two centres: Travis Green and myself.

“Greenie had been playing well on a line with Shayne Corson and Darcy Tucker – they were keeping the Yashin unit under control. So, he was pretty much stuck with me to go between Robs and Hogey.” ~ Alyn McCauley


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He'll always be a Leaf to me.


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Joe Nieuwendyk - forced me to learn how to type his name. (the secret is the first four letters, then it's just wendy + k)