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The Bold Predictions Thread


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- Matt Murray wins the Vezina or he gets injured and they use his capspace for a forward.
- Sandin becomes a top 3 defender on this team
- Tavares and Nylander split up with Tavares moving to 3rd line
- Robertson makes the team out of camp and plays on a line with Nylander
- Leafs defensive game takes a major improvement, finishes top 5 in the league
- A Leaf/coach gets suspended for complaining about refs

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Leafs have an excellent regular season, get home ice for the first round, and for the most part dominate the first 6 games but find themselves tied 3-3 after some really bad luck with a couple of untimely goals and penalties.

Then lose Game 7 by a 1-0 score despite outshooting the other team 60-12.
dunno how 'bold' this one is :p


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Leafs end up trading for 1/2 priced Kane as a rental after an injury forces their hand.
Whoever the injured party is will be back for game 1 of the playoffs
Sabres ahead of Sens
Jersey makes playoffs
Canes beat Leafs in ECF
Samsonov and Murray are both fine.
LA Kings make WCF
Kings lose to Avs in said final
Avs sweep Canes to go B2B