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The MoFo Training Camp Thread


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Brooks (25, #92 '16, 5'10/180): NHL 20gm, .40ppg, -0.5xgfrel -- AHL 197gm, .54ppg
Amadio (25, #90 '14, 6'1/205): NHL 174gm, .24ppg, +2.3xgfrel - AHL 150gm, .77ppg

Yeah, saw this the other night when we were all talking about it. Amadio > Brooks


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Didn't really sink in how many guys we have that can play a bit of C right now.

Beyond Matthews, Tavares, Kerfoot... Engvall, Kampf, Spezza, Amodio, Semenyov.
They've done such a good job of erasing the most talented centre outside of Matthews and Tavares that it doesn't even get consideration any longer.

I thought they might have learned after having to sub Kerfoot in at 2C last playoffs. Unfortunately, the guy who should be slotted in there puffed him up and they think it's a good solution when Tavares/Matthews goes down. I could understand them not playing Willy there in the playoffs after not getting any C reps in the regular season. Looks like they're making the same mistake again.