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The Motherfucking 2021 Season Thread


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Just a list of UFA goalies for the end of this year.. .that MAY be available to teams that may want to unload.. I won't put the whole list, but some names that I could see go from their teams and I think would be solid fits here in replacement of Anderson.

Rinne (5 mill)
Dubnyk (4.3)
Raanta (4.25)
Reimer (3.45!!?)
Ullmark (2.6)
Driedger (850K)
Dell? (would anyone want to get him back??)
Craig Anderson from Wash? (anyone find that interesting. I do, especially if it would probably cost nothing to get)


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I was thinking that maybe one way to get out of the 7 day quarantine could be to have players about to be traded pulled and begin their own quarantine at home.... Get tested, stay quarantined and then when traded, get tested again and do like 2 days only when you arrive in Canada.


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It's the crossing of the border that would prompt a 14 day quarantine but the government has agreed to cut it down to 7 because of a "working quarantine" situation. Doubt they'd agree to a quarantine prior to the travel counting towards the quarantine.


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There were reports that they would test before crossing the border, test upon arrival as well and those would need to be both negative of course.

Maybe there is a loophole as to when the first test was administered and if quarantining took place. Who knows.


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It may be interesting to see if the small trade with Columbus earlier this season could open up the opportunity for a deal involving Foligno.

I think that he would be the best fit on that second line.. or play him with Matthews and Marner and put back ol silky mitts Hyman with Tavares and Nylander. Galy with Engvall and Mikheyev might be a fast third line that could click.


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This is really, really likely to be mental health stuff, not an injury.

For weeks he was playing like shit but not missing practices, not getting rested, etc. We've seen how Keefe has been treating Jack with a known injury. Freddy was being run like a normal #1 goalie (just playing like epic trash). There were rumours of a groin injury but those only seemed to materialize when Fred was playing incredibly bad, even by FRed light standards.

The biggest piece of evidence that suggests Fred isn't actually injured though is the game Hutch was pulled against Ottawa. It's highly unlikely that Keefe brings Fred into a relatively meaningless game against Ottawa in March if there is a known injury that he's nursing, less than 24 hours after he was last in net.


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I dunno, it's kinda tradition for Hutch to get pulled, regardless of who's backing him up.

Who is Keefe to break tradition??


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Like I mentioned previously, Price went through two mysterious absences (in two separate seasons) where nobody in the media sphere knew what was going on until after the fact....this could be just weird goalie stuff


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Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe said Wednesday he has "no concern" that the injured Andersen may be done for the season. That sentiment aligns with the message being sent privately by the organization.
And yet, Keefe said he had not received an update on Andersen’s condition from the latest in a series of follow-up medical appointments on the goaltender’s undisclosed lower-body injury.

And yet, Andersen is dealing with a nagging ailment originally described as day-to-day.

And yet, Andersen has not appeared on the ice with the club for 19 days and counting. Nor did he travel with the Leafs on their recent four-game western trip. Instead, he stayed in Toronto for further assessment.


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Could just be that they gave him a month off to clear his head and get away from hockey and rest any nagging soreness he may have had (soreness that was clearly not enough to keep him out of games entirely, mind you). He was clearly going through some shit. He'll be back and we'll probably be welcomed with another Froctober of a cold Freddy.