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The official NFL thread


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this is legit soul crushing as MLB is my number 1 sport both in terms in which i like and im knowledgeable, so the fact you are more comfortable with the dullard is hard to bear.
You're too serious in that thread. It's like you strap on a suit and tie before you make every single post. Loosen up. It's just baseball. Relax.


Yes, I'm kidding people.
Trying to avoid week one over reaction, however seeing the same shit again with the offense as I did last season with this Bills team. Josh Allen is entering overrated territory for me.
Makes you think he's never going to learn. Some are just thick.


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Rodgers with an Achilles injury. Ungood.

they fear the four-time NFL MVP tore his Achilles. There's an MRI scheduled for Tuesday to confirm.

"It's not good," Saleh said, per CBS Sports Lead NFL Insider Jonathan Jones.

The injury, if confirmed, would be season-ending


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Doing an FAAB/auction style waiver wire for the first time. Any tips?
If you see something you view as a legit difference maker to replace a guy you lost or help you win, dont be scared to bid most or all your money. More often than not the nickel and dime guys you pick up on bye weeks vs whats actually left on the wire, the difference is negligable.


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In all seriousness, my condolences to Jets fans. I get why you bought in this season, with that defense. Adequate QB play and its easily a playoff team.