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Well, this is....different - Site Issues


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  • The forum is actually working again
  • This version of the site seems to have some updated features (like embedding tweets & more kinds of video)
  • We don't seem to have lost any posts or content in the switch over to this new site.

  • My irrational aversion to any kind of change
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Mod Squad
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Yeah ... this now looks exactly the same as another board I'm on for work. Which is fine .... I guess.


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Habsy has plans to customize the look again. It'll be different than the "Old look" but not as generic as the current look. This software is far superior though.


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I'm seeing it on my phone right now. I like it. I like how if I click on last post it takes me to the end. Haven't tried but does it take me only to the last post or to where I left off from last time?


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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Bear with the changes people. VBulletin was getting slammed. Had to port to another platform.