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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread


Wayward Ditch Pig
Just a casual 40 point lead at the half. This team is the best, no team in the East scares me, Raps are going to the finals again.
Was a rough half for the Raptors. Spicy is stuck 11 vs the entire Jazz. Gotta clean that shit up in the 2nd half.


Wayward Ditch Pig
Just wanted to revisit some shit...preseason championship odds (with over/under for wins in brackets)

Clipers: +425 (53.5)
Lakers: +450 (50.5)
Bucks: +550 (57.5)
Rockets: +700 (54)
Sixers: +775 (54.5)
Warriors: +950 (47.5)
Jazz: +1300 (53.5)
Nuggets: +2000 (53)
Celtics: +2900 (48.5)
Blazers: +3500 (46.5)
Indy: +5000 (46.5)
Raptors: +5500 (46.5)
Brooklyn: +5500 (43.5)

Fucking 12th yall...12th. We shit all over all but 3 teams on that list.


Wayward Ditch Pig
Predictable start to the 3rd...but they need to cut this shit out.

11-0 by the Jazz to start the 3rd. Not a lot of hard work on the defensive end.


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Silver lining on this shit quarter.....siakam's gonna get a chance to put up a real big number.


Wayward Ditch Pig
The whistle has gotten fucking dumb.

Clear contact being let go at one end, everything called at the other.

Robots please.