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Hey Nerds: Blockchain


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I appreciate them. They look beautiful and take some real skill and precision to make from scratch. But they're not for me.

that's fine, but you're covering a wider variety of stuff than you think by dismissing anything with fruit it in it. Not only pie and fancy bakery tarts etc.

for example...say, banana bread. sure you can make it way more dessert-y by using some kind of icing(blecch) or dumping extra sugar in the recipe via chocolate chips or whatnot. But inherently, it really isn't that sweet as desserts go.


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No joke. I went to a french pastry shop and got talking to the owner who said "I can't stand Italian pastries -- they put fruit everywhere. It's garbage"

I couldn't really disagree with him -- that owner is basically half ME, half Presto. I sure as hell know he's not zeke.

Guy's business went under (pre covid). This town is tough on the Frenchies.


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the list of Italian sweets I like is small

a proper tiramisu is awesome...

hazelnut/chocolate combo in cakes is also tasty



pandoro (but the last two are more breakfasty)

i'm not generally crazy about desserts...but can't resist maple syrupy items


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My Nonna was a masterful baker but holy **** she wasted her talents on some trash desserts.


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I almost forgot my childhood favourite -- nobody makes it properly anymore because it's labour intensive to get the dough just the right thinness.