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Hey Nerds: Blockchain


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managed to grab a bunch of $15 vff calls on Friday when it was trading in the 12s

In case my more ambitious positions don’t work out the above should help even the scales.

prob chilling on intraday stuff until earnings
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Canadian weed definitely a lot stronger than US today. I bought quite a bit of VFF the last couple days and trimmed it all + more today at 14.28. De-risking the Canadian play so I can feel more comfortable going heavier on the US names I suppose.

In truth, I don't feel comfortable doing that either really.


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It has been a rock through all of this. I saw a thread on wsb essentially saying that not holding GME during market consolidation is extremely risky and GME is the best possible hedge. The autists all agreed and licked each others clits and whatnot and I simply laughed it off. Turns out they were right.



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really a tale of two tapes....

AAPL down over 8% year to date while energy names like Exxon are up 48%

MSOS still up over 20% YTD...so no complaints


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If SHOP went from my $120 to over $1000 and I didn't jump, I'm probably not likely to for Zoom.

I wish Zoom would just go on sale for one day, low low price of $275, and I'd just bite the bullet and ride it.

That is, without the whole market and my portfolio tanking with it.

ZM got to 319 today....maybe needs one more swoop down to hit your bargain price


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I've been adding to CCIV and PLTR.

I'm watching ZM closely, but getting the full position would be tough. It might need most of my remaining cash, and if I wanted to sell something, it would cause havoc for my OCD because I'd only want to sell stuff that's in the retirement account, but then I'm selling some shares from several positions and putting those in disarray. Building the current positions in the other two I mentioned is also using up free cash that I could otherwise put to ZM. If it hits $275, I think I'd find a way, but all this red is making me feel yucky inside and so I feel that if it does drop to that level, the rest of my portfolio will be gasping for air too, and making ZM a tougher move to make.


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Looking at the ZM chart, I will actually nibble at ZM around 280 (for a trade)


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