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Laval Rocket Thread


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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I saw that but won’t post horrible grammar, it makes me think “why should I listen to what this person thinks on hockey if they can’t understand the difference between then and than”.



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AHL league looks faster than just a couple of years ago. I guess they are phasing out the goons as well.


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It's not just that. There used to be a time & place for slower, heavier, physical players.

Those players have been getting phased out of the NHL for 15 years now. The NHL game keeps getting faster and faster, and it's become a point of emphasis on everyone to improve their skating.

Watch a game from the 2005-2006 season compared to one now. It's so slow. Then watch a game from 1995. It doesn't even look like the same league.


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Guillaume Brisebois (from Vancouver's organization) was loaned to the Laval Rocket.

He hasn't played a game this year so far. I think it's more of a "If you're not going to play me, can I at least be home?" kind of situation than anything else.