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Laval Rocket Thread

They won on Friday but they were mediocre. They scored on their first shot of the game then proceeded to take one stupid penalty after another. Halfway through the game they were stuck at 9 SOG. They looked every bit as bad as the parent club, inept in all 3 zones.

The only bright spot was Dobes. He made several highlight reel saves. Without him it would have been a blowout.

Neither Roy nor Mailloux were very noticeable.
Probably the Rocket's best game today, they win 6-2 over Manitoba. Mailloux and Roy each had a goal and an assist. Davidson scored his first pro goal.
Morning start today in Manitoba, Rocket currently leading 3-1 after two.

Simoneau, Galipeau and Roy with the goals.

Farrell has two assists.
3-2 loss tonight. Gignac and Kidney with the goals. Kidney score his first pro goal. Roy, Farrell and Mailloux each got an assist. 29 saves on 31 shots for Dobes.