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Leafs' Prospect/Marlies Discussion Thread!


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Goat is a really good fourth liner. Love him.

Malgin is kinda nothing. But bringing in Robertson to play a top six role (no reason to have him play on the bottom lines) means bumping other guys down and I’m not down. Already Engvall is bumped. Mikheyev is back soon. There’s no reason other than wanting to see him play, and that’s not enough.


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Not sure how many 18 year olds have scored 50 in less than 43 games in OHL history but it can't be many.

I'm not sure how many games exactly it took them to hit the 50-goal mark, but In the past 30 years, only two other 18 year-olds have even scored at higher than a goal-a-game pace in the OHL.

Those two guys are John Tavares, with 58 goals in 56 games played, and Patrick Kane with 62 goals in 58 games played.

Pretty crazy stuff. And honestly, it doesn't look like there's any way we can send him back to the OHL next year. And it's not out of the question that he plays games for the Leafs this year if the Petes get knocked out of the playoffs before the Leafs' season/playoffs is over.


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So, Robertson is only month older than Lafreniere, and only 12 days older than probably top 5 pick Marco Rossi...which has left me wondering almost all season where this kid would go if his parents had waited until spring to smash.

At this point I could see why you would go with the potential NHL centres like Perfetti and Rossi in that 4-5 range over Robertson, but he 100% goes before guys like Mercer, Lundell, etc that will likely go 10-12

It would be really tough not taking Robertson in the top 5-6 of this draft if he was eligible. If we were re drafting 2019 right now, it would be really hard to keep him out of mix with Turcotte, Cozens, Seider for the 5-7 spots.

Just crazy, crazy good drafting by the nerd


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Lafreniere (18.3yrs): 54gl/174pt pace
Rossi (18.3yrs): 56gl/170pt pace
Perfetti (18.2yrs): 51gl/146pt pace
Robertson (18.4yrs): 95gl/145pt pace
Cozens (19.1yrs): 62gl/138pt pace
Zary (18.3yrs): 54gl/121pt pace
Mercer (18.3yrs): 47gl/117pt pace
Quinn (18.3yrs): 67gl/115pt pace


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I mean, I had Cole Caufield at 5 last year. A year later knowing all those USA kids production were over-inflated historically, Roberton was way better on the same team, and Robertson's historic season... 5.

This years draft looks better though with Perfetti/Byfield putting up elite production at 17 and Lafreniere/Rossi scoring 2+ ppg at the same age, plus those 17 year olds playing pro in Europe (Stutzle, Raymond, Holtz, Askarov), plus Drysdale. But he's in the mix around 10.

You can make a good argument he goes top 10 in a 2019 re-draft or in 2020. Which is pretty good for a borderline 3rd round pick.


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Shanahan is in total love with Dubas, same for MLSE board. I just don't get where Babcock got into this mix.

I feel we rushed things and did things on the run, its worked out okay so far imo.

But Dubas likes "good" hockey players.

So I think we are good.