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Leafs' Prospect/Marlies Discussion Thread!


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Ive always wondered why an agreement is even necessary? NHL teams have the kids under contract so why dont they get to decide whats best.

Appears to be a very archaic way of doing business


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I think even in a fully healthy lineup, you could probably fit Robertson into one of the twelve available roster spots up front. Assuming Clifford's gone and every other forward is back and healthy, you could do:

Hyman - Matthews - Marner
Mikheyev - Tavares - Nylander
Johnsson - Kerfoot - Kapanen
Robertson - Engvall - Spezza

...and then who's Robertson bumping out that should be in the lineup ahead of him? Malgin? Gauthier? Petan?

And if this year has been any indication, we'll count ourselves very lucky if we ever have a fully healthy lineup. With Johnsson out for the rest of the year, it's not going to happen a single time this entire season. So there will be times when extra opportunity would be there for him.

Oh, there's absolutely room for him if you're cool with him getting 8-10 minutes. I'm not cool with that though.


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When do the OHL playoff start? I could see them rewarding him with a game if the Petes get bounced early though it seems they are deep enough to go on a run


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That assumes no moves and I don’t think that’s entirely likely.

It does assume no moves, but unless a legit impact RHD comes available, I don't see us moving major top 9 pieces. There's some veteran stopgap options available in free agency if necessary.


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A couple points. Willy and Marner spent a lot of time on the 4th line as rookies and it didn't hurt them. Also, if Robertson can provide what Johnsson/Kappy can for 1/3 of the price its a no brainer.

Here is the list of what players did at 19 after having a similar 18 y/o season to Robertson:

1. Kane - Age 18 - 2.50 ppg - Age 19 - 0.88 ppg in NHL
2. Marner - Age 18 - 2.04 ppg - Age 19 - 0.79 ppg in NHL
3. Dylan Strome - Age 18 - 1.98 ppg, Age 19 - 2.14 ppg in OHL
4. Raddish - Age 18 - 1.88 pgg - Age 19 - 1.43 ppg in OHL
5. Matt Tkachuk - Age 18 - 1.88 ppg - Age 19 - 0.64 ppg in NHL
6. Nicholas Robertson - Age 18 - 1.87 ppg - Age 19 - ???
7. Taylor Hall - Age 18 - 1.86 ppg - Age 19 - 0.67 ppg in NHL
8. Tavares - Age 18 - 1.86 ppg - Age 19 - 0.66 ppg in NHL
9. Galchenyuk - Age 18 - 1.85 ppg - Age 19 - 0.48 ppg in NHL
10. Viladri - Age 18 - 1.81 ppg - Age 19 - injured

And here is the list of 50 goal scorers.

1. Robertson - Age 18 - 1.20 gpg - Age 19 - ???
2. Kane - Age 18 - 1.17 gpg - Age 19 - 0.88 ppg in NHL
3. Tavares - Age 18 - 1.04 gpg - Age 19 - 0.66 ppg in NHL
4. Debrincat - Age 18 - 0.85 gpg - Age 19 - 2.02 ppg in OHL
5. Toffoli - Age 18 - 0.84 gpg - Age 19 - 1.53 ppg in OHL
6. Fabbri - Age 18 - 0.83 gpg - Age 19 - 0.51 ppg in NHL

Ultimately it is up to Robertson to earn it in camp. We have no need to force him into the lineup if he isn't ready. But there are a ton of precedents for kids doing what he is doing at 18 and jumping into the NHL as legit top 6 forwards at 19. He should get an opportunity to prove if he is ready in camp. And probably even the 9 games.

He has put up a legit elite seasons. The only asterisk is scoring may be up in the OHL this year as Rossi, McMichal, Byfeild, Perfetti and Kaliev have also put up legit elite seasons this year. Although, even if you discount his goal scoring by 25% its still the 3rd best goal scoring season by an 18 year old in the last 20 years behind only Kane and JT.


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would be nice... past Willy it drops off sharply in terms of natural goalscoring ability at W.

I still have hopes for Kapanen, Johnsson & Mikheyev, but who knows if Mikheyev will ever fully recover and get back on track after his wrist injury.

And then Kappy & AJ were both duds this past year, and we’ll most likely be losing one of them due to the cap.

So yeah...Robertson panning out and being able to score goals at the NHL level would be a pretty welcome development.


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Kap and AJ look like 20ish goal guys. they're not really much more talented than that, from what I've seen. IMO you don't see what you did with Willy(ie crazy shot) that makes you think there's more upside.

Mikheyev from the sample we saw didn't have much of a shot either. pretty muffiny to be honest. offensively he looked to be roughly in the class of Kap/AJ overall as well...just cheaper....so yeah one of them is extremely likely to be moved.

I have hope the wrist injury won't affect Soupman permanently but if there was nerve damage who knows.


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Kap and AJ are guys who have shown they can be 20ish type guys even without significant PP time, which is rarer than you might think.


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I'm hoping that's how other GMs look at them in trade talks. potential regular top 6 forwards, given an expanded role. They haven't really done it here, but maybe they still could. And worst case, you've got a reasonably priced contract for a top 9 guy.

I believe interest in Kapanen is significant...he's got the only "plus" tool between him and AJ with the speed, and he isn't coming off an injury throwaway season.

I think overall AJ is the better player, but there's no one standout skill there and health could be a concern too. For that reason I lean more towards him being the one staying.


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I'm hoping that's how other GMs look at them in trade talks. potential regular top 6 forwards, given an expanded role. They haven't really done it here, but maybe they still could. And worst case, you've got a reasonably priced contract for a top 9 guy.

Last 2yrs Paces

BOS Top-9

Pastrnak: 52gls/106pts
Marchand: 35gls/103pts
Bergeron: 41gls/88pts
Krejci: 19gls/67pts
Debrusk: 28gls/48pts
Johnsson: 20gls/45pts
Kapanen: 19gls/45pts

Kase: 17gls/42pts
Ritchie: 15gls/40pts
Coyle: 15gls/39pts
Kuraly: 8gls/26pts

Even Strength

Pastrnak: 30gls/63pts
Marchand: 25gls/63pts
Bergeron: 25gls/52pts
Krejci: 14gls/50pts
Kapanen: 16gls/39pts
Johnsson: 15gls/38pts

Kase: 15gls/36pts
Debrusk: 19gls/35pts
Coyle: 13gls/32pts
Ritchie: 11gls/30pts
Kuraly: 8gls/25pts

TBL Top-9

Kucherov: 41gls/116pts
Stamkos: 44gls/97pts
Point: 37gls/88pts
Killorn: 24gls/49pts
Palat: 15gls/46pts
Johnson: 24gls/45pts
Johnsson: 20gls/45pts
Kapanen: 19gls/45pts

Cirelli: 19gls/45pts
Gourde: 18gls/43pts
Coleman: 25gls/39pts

Even Strength

Kucherov: 30gls/77pts
Stamkos: 25gls/61pts
Point: 22gls/61pts
Kapanen: 16gls/39pts
Johnsson: 15gls/38pts

Killorn: 18gls/38pts
Cirelli: 15gls/38pts
Palat: 11gls/36pts
Johnson: 23gls/35pts
Gourde: 13gls/32pts
Coleman: 19gls/30pts


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Stay in your lane. I like when you fire off hockey stats.


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Except show that they are already performing as top-6 calibre forwards even compared to arguably the two best teams in hockey.