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Les Habitants Prospects Thread

If ignorance gets you hard, sure.
Not all people with southern accents are ignorant just like not all that vote Democrat, Liberal or NDP are knowledgeable. Maybe you need to travel down there and meet the people to see they aren't really that much different from you, want to provide for their families, keep their families safe and basically be left alone to live as they wish.

Are there fringe groups there, of course there are, just like there are fringe up here who believe every white man is a racist, that July 1 should not be celebrated etc.

I don't agree with many of their views re abortion, religion etc, doesn't mean I should shit on them merely for breathing.

The Athletic projects that we'll have threeprospects in the upcoming WJC.

Owen Beck for Canada, Lune Hudson & Jacob Fowler for USA.
Sounds low.

Reinbacher should be there for Switzerland.
Mesar, Rohrer and Engstrom should be there as well I would think.
They only had Canada, USA, Sweden & Finland.

Reinbacher, Mesar & Rohrer are going to be there, but Engstrom's too old. He's a late and turning 20 in November.