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New Canadian Politics Thread


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A few things here:

- What "Canada" is pertaining to racism is largely regional. Growing up in southern ontario there's minimal to no daily interaction with native racism. Having lived out west for 10+ years though, you can fucking taste it in the air. So in defence of the "amnesia" referenced in the tweet, the racism towards natives in southern ontario vs the prairies are two completely different things and hanging the racism of Saskatoon on Toronto isn't a particularly useful place to have a conversation on race relations in Canada from. Like so many other things, specific forms of racism are largely regional in Canada. It wouldn't be much different than failing to note the difference between BC and Quebec when having a discussion on language and cultural identity.

- Bringing up "Canada's" history of slavery is a farce. It was banned legally and well out of practice decades prior to confederation. Especially in the context of a discussion on racism towards natives, as the natives practiced slavery long before white people ever arrived to trouble them and it was the white man outlawing the practice that caused the natives to stop slavery. If I have to eat the Empire's history of slavery, then Canadians did in fact burn down the Whitehouse. Canada either became a thing at a specific point in time, or it didn't.

Overall though, the author seems to be trying really hard to group us in with the US and that overall argument is pretty ridiculous on it's face. Even with Canada's pretty obvious black eyes (pun not intended) of their own. I appreciate that the author is trying to ensure that comments like Ford's aren't just allowed to skate by, but any time a conversation on American racism comes up, you're going to rightfully lose a lot of your audience's attention when you lead with "....but Canada". The history of American racism and the history of Canadians racism aren't comparable in any instructive way.


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Stranger Danger was an evolutionary tool necessary when we we were all stupid monkeys and needed to know who are friends were and who was coming to steal our food and women.

Of course, because we are people we make everything worse, and turned that into hatred and persecution and another way to form groups so we can elevate ourselves.

...so of course racism exists everywhere, but as ME said, comparing Canada to the U.S just shuts my listening receptors off.


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Looks like Ontario opening up. Toronto and a few other areas still down, but Ottawa and most of the rest can start to open barbers, malls, and patios starting Friday. We'll have to watch to see how things move in the next couple weeks.


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Alberta CMO (Dr. Hinshaw) said everybody that was at the BLM protests should go get a test.

They also did almost 15,000 asymptomatic tests - 6 came back positive.


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Saunders is quitting his post as Toronto police chief. Wonder what that’s all about.