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OT: American Politics

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Seems pretty indicative of Putin's desperation to end the conflict as soon as possible with the war map frozen in its current state. With most of the Donbas under his control, with his land bridge to Crimea intact and with Ukraine entirely cut off from the Sea of Azov, as well as about half of their pre-invasion Black Sea coast.

Under those conditions, he could retcon his reason for invading in the first place ("De-Nazifying and de-militarizing all of Ukraine and overthrowing the fascist Zelensky regime? No, this was all about protecting the Russian speakers in the Donbas, as well as all Ukrainians who've voted to join glorious mother Russia") and declare victory.

So, expect the Kremlin's proxies to start yelling louder and louder about stuff like:

  • How much the US and allied countries are spending on Ukraine.

  • The wider impact of the war on the energy supplies and economies of the world, and in Europe specifically.

  • The need to take Russia's nuclear threats seriously.

  • The world must give Putin an "off-ramp" from the conflict and enough gains to save face, or who knows what he'll do?

  • Ukraine can't win in the long-term in the face of full Russian mobilization.

  • How a "negotiated settlement" with concessions to Russia is the only way to end the conflict.

  • The need to have this negotiated settlement as soon as possible to save lives and prevent unnecessary suffering.

Etc, etc.
and in response, I say Slava Ukraina!

the only way this war should end ought to be with a resounding military defeat of the Russians and a return of all occupied territories to Ukraine. and thankfully, the Ukrainians will not accept anything less, so Merkel, Scholz, Macron, and all those other fuckers can take their territorial concessions and shove them.

but overall, we completely agree.