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OT: Coronavirus Resources - and other things to not worry about

Scientists continue to insist that injecting bleach into one's body will most likely lead to negative health outcomes.

The jury is still out on what happens if you hit the body with a tremendous — whether it’s ultraviolet or just very powerful light — if you brought the light inside the body.
Dr. Presto update!!!

Canada doesn't quite follow this pattern but maybe it's because the UK was ahead and had more immunity. Our 2022-2023 were the worst of the pandemic where more people died than 2020-2021 when people stopped caring.

View: https://twitter.com/BristOliver/status/1748239380970414355?t=y_mpVB5TV5fLoVviBfpiWQ&s=19

Tldr: the acute phase is no longer an issue really. And covid causing widespread immunosuppression is one of the weirdest takes by the alarmism/fraud doctor twitter cult based on data like that which immediately debunks that garbage. Plenty of people dying still, people dying younger, etc.. but it's manageable. What's still not manageable is the longer term consequences of frequent reinfections. If science can figure it out through a more sterilizing vax and/or long Covid treatment then this threat is donezo. Tall task. But even 0.5-2% of infections resulting in longterm issues is too much burden on a population level. There is no cure for true long Covid and under 10% of folks actually recover after a year of symptoms. Women 30-50 (even healthy ones, appears to be minimal correlation to how healthy one is) are most at risk to long Covid. Important to find out why!

And also if we look further out we are likely to find some shit, which isn't a surprise really. Viruses are now known to be the main driver of diseases like MS and many autoimmune disorders. Frequent reinfections of a virus that circulates 12 months a year at fairly high levels is sure to contribute to something. Here's one thing to keep an eye on:

View: https://twitter.com/EricTopol/status/1747648823353364591?t=kJb_oRAtNgWTSXCB8yakMw&s=19

But other than that we're clearly at the best spot of the pandemic. Took a long time for the nerds to find HIV treatment and they're nowhere near finding anything for LC (kinda hard to without knowing the mechanisms) but urgency has increased lately as the pool of disabled folks worldwide continues to creep up and some policians are no longer ignoring the obvious elephant in the room.

View: https://twitter.com/SawyerBlatz/status/1748003493603078372?t=9VleAkM_MWHRgckb8AqM-A&s=19

Thanks and as G-Dub would say, Gosh Bless
Most optimistic post from presto in 4 years. Conspicuously absent though is info about the strong evidence that ivermectin is a prophylaxis for Parkinson’s.