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OT: The News Thread


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Public pools were never my thing either but yeah, that video killed my chances of ever doing it again. Fucking Vox.


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The man who was in the pickup truck wore a military helmet and what appeared to be an armoured vest, Savehilaghi said his employee recounted. Once police removed those items, the taxi driver “noticed swastika signs on the chest of (the man's) t-shirt,” his employer said.

“He was laughing the entire time and he was chanting something,” and asked the taxi driver to record the arrest and “make a movie of him,” Savehilaghi said.

CP24 on Twitter: "The man accused of deliberately mowing down and killing four members of a Muslim family in London, Ont., demanded a cab driver call police to arrest him minutes after the attack, the head of a local taxi company says. https://t.co/uPPDN1aswL" / Twitter



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You know when you get an angry mob protesting and everything naturally goes to shit, sometimes spilling over into vandalism and theft?

Wouldn't it be cool if things like this could have the same affect the other way, where for the next little while at least maybe some RAK's break out, maybe less road rage next week?