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OT: The News Thread


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I'm in Ardagh Bluffs. The storm was tracking from Georgian Bay. That cell passed right over my neighbourhood (watched it on the radar after the fact), over Allandale, and then yeah on to the Mapleview/Prince William area.

I happened to be passing through the area a few days later and fucked up my route, ended up going through the neighbourhood where it touched down. One of the wilder things I've ever seen. You would see a completely demo'd house and then the neighbour had a few windows out, some shingle/roof/gutter damage and then the next house over, fucking nothing, maybe a bent gutter or something minor. Same pattern over and over in the neighbourhood. One house badly, badly damaged and the neighbours barely touched.
I donated time and supplies and what a hot mess that area was. Not to mention made even worse by the over abundance of media vehicles and personnel links the majorly hit street. I’m just in Stroud and could see the trees bending.


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Technology to the rescue?

There are some wild geoengineering ideas out there.

I have no idea. I’m no Malthusian we’re-all-gonna-die type, surely no one knew Pasteur would come along and utterly transform food safety and change the world. Coz that’s what it’ll take and then some.

The one thing we can say is that the Tragedy of the Commons is all too real.
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