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OT: WWE/MMA/Boxing Thread

As a former hardcore sicko for MMA, I appreciate having GGpX delivering all the news I’d have been searching out back in the day, right to my doorstep.

All these reads have been great. 👌🏼
So Anderson Silva made $4m vs Weidman in their rematch…..and they surpassed 1 million buys.

Cotto vs Canelo did 900k buys, generated $58 million in revenue in the US….with Cotto getting $15m guaranteed, and Canelo getting $5m guaranteed and all of the Mexican TV rights, pushing him up near or past Cotto’s take home in the end.

Cotto-Canelo was the highest selling card in eons that didn’t involve one of the giga stars at the time, Mayweather, Pac, etc…and Anderson outsold them, while making less than 1/3 what they did.
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top 10 p4p fighter Shakur Stevenson is fighting tonight.

Early on, shakurs style was reminiscent of peak Mayweather, but his past few fights have been bangers and his last fight vs undefeated yoshino was a murderous banger.

Theexcellent Navarrete vs conceicao in the go main event.

Heck of a fight night for A thursday.
Jermall Charlo's fighting for the first time in nearly three years tonight. Jose Benavidez is clearly smaller and less talented, but Charlo's looked pretty awesome.

Jose's younger brother, David Benavidez, is fighting in the main event. He's who I want Canelo to fight next.