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Tech Thread

Gotta love how he's moved the goal posts away from obvious and ridiculous levels of racism and put them on genocidal racism instead. His new buddies are mostly safe with that being the line.

But even then I doubt there’s any enforcement. Dude is all about empty talk. His true colours have been obvious for awhile now.
at least the idea to do some damage control pops into his mind from time to time

View: https://x.com/elonmusk/status/1725656810449772662?s=20

We can probably start the countdown until he uses this policy to start banning Ukrainians.

Since I’m sure he would characterize Ukrainian willingness to continue fighting in defense of Ukraine even if it means more dead Ukrainians & Russians as “advocating genocide”. And hey, their “Russophobic” desire to erase Russian culture by not wanting to become Russians is also pretty genocidal, amirite?
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