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The official NFL thread

I think Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Emmit Smith and LaDainian Tomlinson would have something to say to that Ricky Williams comment.

Smith IMO was overrated. Remember, the guy ran behind the best offensive line in the history of the game.. That line opening holes that you could drive a mack truck through.. It was a sick line. The best line I have ever seen.

Stick Ricky behind that Dallas line of the 90's ( and I am talking about the 2002 and 2003 version of Ricky when he lost weight , not the larger version in New Orleans), and Ricky would have rewritten the record books for yards in a season.. No argument from me regarding the other backs listed. Awesome backs, no doubt.

Adrian Peterson, a rookie last year who the NFL world loved, ran behind the best O-line in the league (people forget about that). I mean, even Chestor Taylor can look great behind that O-line in Minnesota. A line means A LOT
OJ vs Ricky...now that would be fun

I don't get that.. The dude liked Pot. so what.. He has always been a good citizen, and a peaceful guy.. It's not like the guy has been caught with a gun in his car, doesn;t get in bar fights like so many NFL players do, hasn't gotten caught for drunk driving (like so many players do).. Ricky Williams has never put himself in position to cause harm to others in society. So I really don't understand that ridiculous comparison there
What happened with the Argo's? He was terrible for them.

he wasn't terrible, he just got hurt.

but two things happened:

first, he underestimated CFL talent. there are some good players in the league who don't get their due. they were bigger and faster than he thought they would be.

but the big one was the second (because the shock that the players are better than he thought should have worn off after a few games). it took williams a while to get accustomed to pre-snap motion. the running back and receivers can start their movement before the centre releases the ball and williams just didn't have that timing down.
Speaking of backs, a very underrated back was Roger Craig. He was excellent , and very good at catching the ball out of the backfield.. I used to really enjoy watching him play.
Smith IMO was overrated. Remember, the guy ran behind the best offensive line in the history of the game.. That line opening holes that you could drive a mack truck through.. It was a sick line. The best line I have ever seen.

i was a HUGE cowboys fan, a HUGE emmitt fan, and even i have to agree with this. that offensive line was completely and totally dominant, and it made a very good back a hall-of-famer. emmitt had massive holes to run through and a QB/WR tandem in aikman-irvin that made it impossible for defences to simply key on the running game.
Funny, Smith is overrated, Michael Irvin was overrated and Troy Aikman was also overrated.

It's amazing they ever won a game let alone three SBs in four years.
Let's not forget about Jay Novacek at TE and Alvin Harper on the outside. That Dallas offensive line, which was totally dominant, and all those passing options, with a very good QB, was just WAY too much for any defense to handle. SCARY good.

One thing is for sure, that offensive line was NEVER "overrated".. I challenge anyone to find a O-line that was THAT dominant in the history of the NFL.. I mean, as soon as they got inside the 10, it was over. Just run it up the middle with those studs on the O-line creating MASSIVE holes into the endzone. That O-line made defensive fronts in the NFL look like junior varsity teams..
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Hey guys, speaking of yesteryear, I found a great youtube of THE ENTIRE superbowl 13 in Miami ( Steelers vs Cowboys).. When you are bored, watch the entire broadcast here ( I watched it all last week)-

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30Ckc8OHbgU (that's part one, you can see the rest of the parts to the right there)

Now THAT is some nice stuff.. Jack Lambert was a beast. Same for Randy White for the cowboys. A VERY physical game... Quite a few legends in that Super Bowl .. The whole broadcast is there, right from the national anthem at the beginning, to the halftime show, all the way through to the end..

Just great to watch many decades later.. Look at those commercials and the music being played.. Funny stuff. That Steeler team of the mid to late 70's was really good ( I'm sure Blk'nGld will thank me for this).

PS- they also have all of Super bowl 10 there on youtube ( Steelers and Cowboys again, and again from Miami.. just search for "Super Bowl X") :thumbsup(22):
After thinking about it further, the only 2 Offensive Lines that I would put in the same sentence with that Cowboys line, is the infamous "Hogs" of the Redskins in the 80's, and the Miami Dolphins line of the early 70's with Larry Little, Bob Kuechenberg and company... Maybe in the same sentence, but still those lines were a notch below that Dallas line of the 90's.

The Los Angeles Rams also had a hell of a line when they had Eric Dickerson and Dan Fouts. Jackie Slater and a few monsters on that line made life miserable for defenses. But they are a slight notch below those Miami and Redskins O-lines.
merriman is an enormous blow. he's almost as important as LT. of course, if rivers can bounce back from the knee surgery and also take a few steps forward (as a young QB coming off some big-game playoff experience should) they should still be alright. rivers has been good for them but not great. he has the potential to change that and he is going to have to this season with merriman out and gates hobbled.

Yea... this is pretty evident right now. =/

LN, my friend is a huge Jets fan. I'll be cheering on the Bills just to piss him off. I feel dirty saying that, but it's the lesser of two evils. The game at the dome is gonna be great... wanna take me? :D :p
i love emmitt.. but his stats are definitely inflated by that line.

leafnation, another o-line to add to that would be the bronco's line from their SB years...
Yes. Good point. Although undersized, and not the traditional way to build a line in the modern era.. Those Bronco lines were very quick.. They perfected the "zone blocking scheme". You can stick any no-name running back back there and he would gain 1000+ yards, quite easily... One thing though, they were notorious for chop blocking and taking some knees out in the process, heh
I don't know how anyone can see my poor lowly Jets as the greater of two evils.

If there was ever a TML of the NFL........it'd be us.
What good running back ran for yards behind a shitty line? Barry Sanders is probably the only one I can think of, in recent memory at least. And he is maybe the best back ever.

It doesn't matter how much talent you have as a back. You need a good line.
.fully healthy he's one of the best 3 or 4 defensive tackles in the league, and should do incredible things to open things up for our linebacking crew.........which has a great core now, led in the middle by David Harris and Eric Barton.....a

Everyone here should remember the name David Harris. Guy is a beast.
Harris is a beast. Probably the Jets best defensive player.. Gholston, the Jets #1 pick, has looked awful in camp though.. He never played the 3-4 OLB position before, and he looks lost in the Jets 3-4 D ( remember, he played the 4-3 end position in college, and he is just too small to be an end in a 3-4 defense)..

As far as Kris Jenkins is concerned, while he has been a beast in camp, many Jets blogs said he is simply "unblockable", and he has been going up against a good center in Mangold ( the thing with Jenkins though is he has been injury prone in Carolina, but he is very talented)..

But I can't wait to see the 350 pound Jenkins taking himself out of the game, huffing and puffing to the sidelines in the 3rd quarter on Sept 7th in Miami ( with that crazy CRAZY intense heat and humidity at that time of year- especially when Ricky and Ronnie will get 40 carries between them for that contest)..

That game should be a barn burner in week 1 with all the superlatives involved ( Parcells who used to be with the Jets, Pennington in Miami now, and of course, the Favre situation)