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2020-21 Season and Draft Discussion


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Obviously there aren't many postponed games in hockey, but I'd imagine it's pretty clear that if a New York Yankees game is rained out in mid-April and re-scheduled for mid-September, that game would be played and scored in mid-September.
Last year, the February 11th game between Blues and Ducks was postponed to March 11th after Jay Bouwmeester collapsed in the first period.

The February 11th game was erased from Fantrax and from the NHL stat logs.

Adam Henrique had scored a goal on February 11th before the game was stopped, and this goal now exists as having been scored on March 11th at 0:00 of the 1st Period.

Every single FPts from that game have been calculated in our league on Fantrax as of March 11th and for that scoring period.

Anyway, as Deckie said let’s move on.


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Not absurd. My point is valid concerning provorov, sorry to tell you.
But everyone has multiple players like that. I have Petry and Draisaitl in this week. If I trade them I don't get their points from their make up games.

Did you leave an empty roster spot on the week of Provorov's make up games?