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2024 NHL Playoffs Thread

He beat Gretzky’s record?? Anytime anyone does that it’s extremely impressive, especially given the difference of eras.

But this post-season hasn't been the best of his career.

His 2021-2022 playoff run is as good as I've ever seen an individual player.

16GP 10G 23A 33PTS

What he did to the Calgary Flames was mesmerizing.
I'm surprised that it isn't Sportsnet peddling the narrative. They want to keep viewers glued to the television.
Has literally anyone said that they didn't like it? In all the stuff on social media I've seen it's been nothing but positive reviews for both her and her titties, despite the fact they turned out not to be real.
some have stated "kids were there", others (mostly arabs) have whined. Rest of us played it over and over