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Gallagher signs 6-year @ $6.5M AAV


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Was just about to post that worm. Those are great numbers. I'm feeling a bit better about the deal.


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Habs are trying to win in the next 3 to 4 years and then the rebuild will start.

Anderson, price, petry, Weber, Gallagher etc will be worse or even terrible by that time. So what is one more contact?

There is also a much better chance Gallagher is worth his deal in the last few years than the rest of them.


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For some reasons his model seems to think that shooting from any angle makes you an elite offensive player.
Which then punishes someone like Anderson from a recency bias perspective, who in his first 3-full NHL seasons had an avg 12.5% shooting % but last injury riddled season was a ridiculous 1.6%...

Hockey ''advanced stats'' suffers from data quality. All we have is shot data. That's not enough for hockey's game tree, not even close. Gallagher is always whacking away in the crease, thus getting ''high danger'' chances, and he'll shoot from anywhere, thus getting a tonne of volume (top 5 in the league IIRC). So his model says that we should expect much more from Gallagher, when really the data doesn't exist to tell the true story, that we ought not expect any more than we're getting.
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