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GDT | Game 18 | @ Boston Bruins | Saturday, November 18 | 7PM EST

Well the truth is politics still run this team and always will as long as Molson is the owner
I don't think he's a distraction, I just think he was lucky enough to be Kent Hughes's friend.

That was his main attribute. Anytime someone gets hired for a position they were never interested in applying for, I usually have some questions about it.

Martin St. Louis never applied for the job. I don't think he was even interested in the job. Kent Hughes just searched him out because they had talked at the rink a bunch of times.

What are his untested coaching philosophies, btw? I don't think he's doing any actual coaching. That's what the assistants are there for.
I'd rather hire an unorthodox coach with no track record who happens to be buddies with the GM than hire a recycled mediocrity who we know in advance will be awful who happens to be a buddy of the GM.

I'd hire 10 MSL's before I'd hire Therrien for a third time.

I have no complaints about management at the moment, aside from chickening out on drafting Michkov. But again, I'll take competent anglophone management over the "ti-gars de chez nous spectacle de merde" we've had for the nearly 3 decades before this.
this the result of a fuck the fans mentality
Toe Blake famously said that once you start listening to what the fans want you soon wind up sitting in the stands with them.

Fuck the fairweather fans who don't get how this works. You don't wave a magic wand and have a Cup winner. It takes years of work, especially when you're trying to rebuild after a decade of incompetence. And with those years of hard work comes pain, suffering and misery. The pain reminds us that we are alive.
The answer is that like most experiments, we have no idea if the MSL experience will work.

We also have no idea if Hughes will be a good GM — sure, he has shown that he can trade both solid vets and cap space for futures, but that’s the easy part of the job and not a permanent assignment
Main thing is so far , no moves are patch bandaids making the rebuild worse