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Leafs' Prospect/Marlies Discussion Thread!

Hildeby getting off to a running start in his North American pro career would be sweet.

Whether it’s injuries or Joe Woll turning back into a pumpkin (‘cos goalies are assholes, etc), it’s inevitable that our third stringer will need to play some NHL games.

And it’s be cool if that third stringer was someone good, instead of, y’know, Martin Jones.
They hit a home run with Cowan. You can only read so much into a preseason performance but aside from the big three, the only other leaf prospects I can recall looking that good off the hop (multi point debuts + looking dangerous creating their own chances) are boyes, antropov and cereda.
tbh i don't remember boyes and cereda doing that. Antropov yup.

Kaberle too, but he was 20 at the time iirc.
Boyes had 2 g in a pre season game

cereda had 1g 1A and looked awesome in a game I was at.

don't mind me then.

didn't Naz do something similar too?

He did some slick shit in shootouts against Pittsburgh if memory serves and looked NHL ready but we were too busy calling him too skinny, and then too fat as if we had nothing to do with his development or something.
The guy plays an NHL game. And he has NHL+ speed, agility and smarts. It's taking a lot to not go full Randy Marsh but I may be in love.
Does treliving have any track record of giving younger players a chance to make the big club?

Granlund, Ferland, Bennett cracked the lineup at 19, he gave organizational plugs like Jooris a real opportunity, was patient with Mangiapane and brought him in as a small 4th liner at 22 yrs old, gave Jankowski a legit chance to be a thing at 22-23, gave Kulak a shot to stick, Rasmus Andersson obviously, the 1st season after Andersson established himself as a top pairing guy in the AHL, Calgary played him 79 games and then as a 23 yr old had him playing 20 minutes a night. Dillon Dube got a real shot as a 20 yr old and scaled upwards over the next 2 years to being full time. Kylington.

Got veteran heavy under Sutter though, which shouldn't shock anyone. Maybe he's realized his mistake.
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