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Leafs' Prospect/Marlies Discussion Thread!


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Another two goals for Robertson tonight, along with three assists from SDA.

11 goals & 6 assists in 8 games for Robertson now, with 2 goals & 15 assists in eight games for SDA.

Looking like Peterborough's going to be the most interesting team in the CHL this year for Leaf fans.

Remember that robertson was 4 days away from being too young for this draft. Age wise he's comparable to a bunch of guys who won't be drafted until next year.

Funny how it's essentially the same story there for both Robertson & SDA. Robertson was four days away from being a 2020 draftee, and if SDA had been born a day later, he'd have been a 2019 draftee.

Makes this production more fun when it's coming in almost the equivalent of Robertson's draft year and SDA's draft+1 season.


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shutout for Woll in his debut!

Not bad. Pretty nice way to start your professional career. A couple of other prospects that are off to hot starts are Engvall (2 goals, 5 points in 3 games) and Korshkov (3 goals, 4 points in 3 games). Lillypad's put some numbers on the board too, with a goal and an assist.

Another guy I'm keeping an eye on is Kasimir Kaskisuo's. Only three goals allowed in his two starts, and sporting a .944 SV%. I haven't considered this guy much of a prospect, considering his age (26) and generally mediocre numbers at the AHL & ECHL level.

But he stole the net from Hutchison in last year's Calder Cup playoffs and put up some pretty stellar numbers. If he keeps doing the same this year, then he might represent some competition for the Leaf backup job this year if Hutch keeps shitting the bed.


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Makes you wonder if Korshkov may indeed be something useful. He hasn't looked out of place in NA now that he's actually healthy.


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Time for an early season prospect update.

News & Notes:

  • Kalle Loponen (RHD drafted out of Finland in the 7th round of the 2019 draft) is heating up of late in his first year in North America/the OHL. After no points in his first five games, he's put up two goals & four assists in his next five games.
  • Eemeli Rasanen's been demoted from the KHL to a minor-pro league in Finland.
  • Mikko Kokkonen (LHD drafted out of Finland in the 3rd round of the 2019 draft) has been promoted from the Finnish junior league to the top Finnish Liiga (which is where he also spent the majority of last season).
  • One of Hunter's Russian picks is showing some signs of life. Vladislav Kara, a center picked in the 4th round of the 2017 league is up to a PPG+ pace, albeit in the KHL's minor-pro league.
  • The tale of our two "goalies of the future", Joseph Woll & Ian Scott: Woll is splitting the Marlies net with older Leaf prospect Kasimir Kaskisuo and picked up a shutout in his first start. Scott's been assigned to the Growlers in the ECHL, though has been injured since camp.
  • The only other goalie prospect in our system is Zachary Bouthillier. His numbers are remarkable simply for how awful they are, even before he gave up nine goals in his latest start to pad his numbers a bit. Safe to say an NHL deal with the Leafs isn't in his future.
  • Nick Robertson & Semyon Der-Arguchintsev are part of a three-way tie for third place in the OHL scoring race, two points back of the lead. Robertson also has the OHL goal-scoring lead, with 11.







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Hard to think of a prospect in recent memory who grenaded their potential career without some sort of massive substance, quite like rasanen. He landed in an organization that has developed an excellent reputation for turning out hockey players and he decides that hes going to the khl instead where he has wasted away for a couple of years now.


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It’s hard to figure what the kid was thinking. He went back to the OHL for his post-draft season and had a pretty poor year.

So you’d think the thing to do would be to go back to the OHL as a 19 year-old and dominate while getting a ton of playing time. Instead, he jumped to the KHL, a league notorious for burying young players, and bury him they did.

And here he is at 20, having essentially lost a year of development last year, playing in a league that’s probably not even as good as the OHL.


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Imagine having a coach where you dont have to worry about taking his gud pro toys away
Imagine having some constructive criticism of a damn good coach .......

Imagine if the players themselves decided to make it impossible for the coach to play gudpros (funny that washington st louis and pitts have plenty of gudpros on their championship teams).

How about applying the possible solutions to the real problems on the team like Matthew's penchant for floating around and around and around.

Marners stupid flopping around trying to get a puck, or nylanders inability to play any type of useful defence.

How about getting a goalie to make a save that most goalies would stop.

Holl is looking good. Like really good.
That would have nothing to do with babcock.

Ceci is looking better than he did for the sens. But babcock has nothing to do with that.

Reilly can thank babs for the dman that he is.

Just as Rasmus and lilly will become even better people and defencmen when they finally take their place on this team .... and they should be in the minors because their play here didnt warrant their continued usage up in the big leagues (not the minors).

Marner Matthew's johnsson kappy hyman Moore marincin goat and many more can just tip their hat and thank babcock for helping them to become the players they are today.

If keefe is a guarantee to be the next great coach for one playoff success, then I guess that paddock and john anderson would be even better because they won the Calder numerous times.

Keefe has done an amazing job in the MINORS.
Babcock will someday be in the hall of fame.

To much blame and critical responses on the cock, yet not so much for the culprits and the young men standing at the edge of the pits watching and not competing.

Ps .... yes the cock makes mistakes, and yes he is an arrogant and cardboard personality. But he is successful and he does have that proven ability to win which none of us has in this sport. (Except me .... the team I was coaching won the championship in the atom aged group lololol.years ago ... so worship me zeke).


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Is there somewhere to stream Marlies games?

The AHL does offer an over-priced streaming service.

$99 for every team & every game, including playoffs.

$59 for all of one team's regular season games (but no playoffs).

Never been able to find a reliable source of grey-market Marlies streams, though.