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Leafs' Prospect/Marlies Discussion Thread!


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Kallgren getting hurt is a pain in the ass. Looks at the least like a professional goalie and was off to a good start in the AHL. Might be better than the good version of Hutch. Definitely better than Woll.


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Ty Voit at 1.31 ppg, 5th in OHL from 2021 draft.

He's also the leading scorer on his own team. And the top-3 scorers on his team are 18 years old, with the 4th & 5th place scorers on the team being 19 & 17 years of age respectively.

So on the one hand, his scoring totals aren't piggy-backing off any older/overage teammates that are putting up big numbers. On the other hand, he's likely getting 1st line ice-time and a ton of PP opportunities.


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