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Les Habitants Prospects Thread


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I simply hope MB is not entering desperate GM mode, and even though nothing he’s done historically would indicate such...if he is there are checkpoints in place to keep a haphazard deal from happening
Desperate moves were done in the summer , he never added legit pieces to fill holes like this before

Unless Covid quarantine rules change all Canadian teams have their hands tied


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Weber & Petry are here for the foreseable future and there's one slot available.

There's simply too many of them.


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I don't think he'll get in desperation mode simply because, you have 24 teams you can't realistically make trades with.

The more we wait, the less likely it is we can make a trade because of the 14 day window that the player will have to stay in quarantine. With the condensed schedule, we can't really afford to have a player wait that long.

Which leaves us with 6 teams; Is there really an abundance of rental players you'd be willing to give up assets for on Ottawa & Vancouver? They both have players that I'd give up a lot for (Hughes, Horvat, Chabot, etc.) but they're not available for trade.

In a regular year, the desperation route might have been a viable option.
Agreed his desperation is the coaching changes. These were probably changes he would have rather made in the offseason if he was confident he would still be around.


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I think Bergy will make some depth moves....like a 7th dmen to add in case of injury.....he probably doesn't trust Fleury or other youngsters for the playoffs, so he'll add another Edmunston type dmen, even if he needs to quarantine.

Mete is probably going the other way....doesn't seem like any of our coaches want to play him


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CC will have to quarantine for 14 days upon his arrival unless an “exception” is allowed by Justin. I’m assuming he’s a Habs fan and the GTA will vote for anyone that the Liberals run so there’s no political risk to him if he allows it.