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OT: ForumIce's list of all things useful


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Fellow online streamers need this:


In your life, badly. Easily the best streaming app I've come across for stability, quality, and flexibility (if youre connection is shit, you can downgrade the video quality from HD to a few different SD settings to get a good buffer going, etc)

Brought to you by the same fine gentlemen who used to provide the youtube streaming links on reddit.

It's fantastic. Enjoy it while it lasts.


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Now that Canada has lost its Sunday ticket to a streaming site, does anyone have a good place to get NFL games during the regular season? (clearly for next year)


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Didnt want to start a new nerds thread .....

What is the best way to change audio from FLAC to MP3?


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How important is a VPN if you're downloading music/movies and watching Kodi or other streaming sources?


Yes, I'm kidding people.
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I've tried some of the links in this thread and they're old. Does anyone have a link to NFL streams of decent quality? Buehler?