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OT: Soccer thread


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Played great deserved better.

But this is a bit of a taste of our medicine from the last 2 games.


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Seriously though, that would be a crazy good get. Versatile as hell, still a good rotation or better quality striker in a top league....would immediately be a stud in MLS and culturally, Toronto would be right up his alley after the shit he's gone through this season in racist ass Italy.


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I doubt it happens knowing that vanney wants to play in a 4-3-3 system and they have trying to get a winger but a under 30 top talent would be hard to pass on.

4-4-2 diamond with poz-jozy-balo would be nightmares for the defenders in the league.


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Euro Group F: Germany, France, Portugal, and some desperately unlucky bastards TBD.


Actually, if Germany wasn’t playing all the group games in Munich, I’d say they would be in serious shit.


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Well bradley is back at an under market contract and it sounds like seba is leaving his team in the middle east because of "special circumstances". His wife and kid stayed in toronto this past year when he made the move.

Doubt TFC would use the open designated player slot on him but would he come back for the same type of contract bradley signed?


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MLS is officially back July 8th.

Tournamet format in orlando with the group stage games counting towards regular season standings and the winner getting a CCL berth in 2021.

9am, 830pm and 1030pm kickoff times.