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OT: Soccer thread

Dortmund on the cusp after BM bottles it.

Not exactly a minnow, but anyone other Bayern is a minor miracle.


Title for PSG, but imploding like a clown show.
Cheating Juventus disgraced again, Napoli wins it.
No title for Bayern, maybe.
No Liga for RM. Though Barca is evil too.

All in all, a solid B+ year for mocking evil empires. Sad to Southampton and Schalke (probably) get relegated. Happy to see Marseille resurgent.
Tottenham not going full bore after Nagelsmann was hard enough to swallow, but getting to the two yard line seemingly with Arne Slot, only for them to talk him into staying with an extension, in the meeting he was negotiating his release to join us?

that fucking stings.
Spurs is a tough gig. An Almost Big Club in the biggest, most monied league in the world. At best, you can scrape into the CL and maybe FA Cup final, even with star players and a yuge payroll. It’s a big lift.

I can see why Slot stayed at Feyernoord. A big team that he can patiently build will get a severals cracks at a CL run. Like Porto (Mourinho!), they can be dangerous teams.
Spurs is a tough gig. An Almost Big Club in the biggest, most monied league in the world.

When you take out sports washing & state run teams, they’re flat out one of the biggest self sustaining teams. That built & paid for their own stadium & training grounds. (both of which are arguably the best in the world, for now)

Unfortunately as a self sustaining club, doing so is an investment for the future limiting just how much you can invest in the club (relative to state run oil money clubs anyway in the meantime.

so even having £150-£250m in a transfer window makes us seem poor. lol
At best, you can scrape into the CL and maybe FA Cup final, even with star players and a yuge payroll. It’s a big lift.

everyone focuses on transfer fees and the lot, but wages is where non-dirty money clubs really get fucked. That’s where even if you’re paying a release clause, you’re not really in the same market as City, Chelsea, Newcastle, etc because they just come over the top with insane wages.

Levy gets a ton of flak for not spending (some of which is obviously subtle anti-semitism too, unfortunately)…..but he’s had one of the most successful runs in football, in terms of building a self sustaining team that flirts with top 4 pretty regularly, is considered one of the “big clubs” of the Prem (even if it’s the last place big club…ie - being invited to the Super League, etc)….despite not having the bottomless pockets of a City, Chelsea, United, and now Newcastle.

I can see why Slot stayed at Feyernoord.

He didn’t really have much choice in the end, Feyernoord help all the leverage….year left on his deal, so when he went in to tell them he wanted to come to the Prem, they said sure….£15m to go, and £5m for your back room staff…lol.

which we can thank Bayern (€25m for Nagelsmann I think?) and Chelsea paying Brighton £21.5m for Graham Potter.…inflating the market to absurd levels, as is their way.

So once we turned that down, only makes sense for Slot to leverage it into getting paid far more, and likely with a release clause more accommodating to him in the future if a Prem club comes knocking next year, or any year after.

is what is is…I can’t blame Feyernoord either, I’d have done the same. (and so would Levy, quite frankly.)
Luton Town have completed a fairy-tale return to the top-flight of English football after beating Coventry City on penalties in the Championship play-off final. Roared on by 36,000 Town supporters soaked in the late May sun, Rob Edwards’ team showed their nerve at Wembley as they defeated the Sky Blues 6-5 on spot-kicks. A decade ago the Hatters had just finished their fourth consecutive season in the Conference Premier in seventh, the club’s lowest ever league position. Fast forward to now – four promotions and one Pelly Ruddock Mpanzu later – the Hatters can look forward to their first ever campaign in the Premier League, a division they voted to create, but never played in after suffering relegation the season before its launch. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge in those 31 years since – a special mention for a 30-point deduction – but the weight of history was shrugged off by the Hatters.
I like Perisic a lot, and think he’s got plenty left….unfortunately he paired poorly with Son on the left, and they never found any chemistry for overlaps. More often than not, they kinda got in each other’s way.

He should want to move on tho, and go back to Serie A with any club in need of a LWB.
Guardian’s MBM take on Sevilla-Roma:

90 min: We’ll have six minutes of added time and here’s hoping we get a winner in that time so we don’t have to sit through another 30 minutes of this bad-tempered, petulant garbage.

it's been a cracker of a game. hard tackling and tons of great chances.

and GREAT reffing - called off a PK either way both were chintzy but technically probably PKs, and handed out a yellow for another borderline PK dive attempt.

Roma was better early and deserved to be up but slowly moved back and back and Sevilla deserved the tying goal even though it was an own goal.