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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread

When do I get to say that this is a poorly coached team and not have "still learning the system" be a valid excuse?

I know it's not yet, but what...40 games in? Because this looks like a poorly coached team aside from the obvious personnel issues on the bench.
why does this team constantly try to shoot its way out of shitty shooting nights?

and with nobody hitting a shot why is porter plastered to the bench?

The only thing that makes sense is that Otto isn't responding well after the foot surgery.

As for the shooting...I don't fucking know. I also don't know why we're so allergic to playing 2 man P/R with our best players, who are our only consistent offensive players. We spend too many possessions with the ball hitting the hands of players the D knows aren't going to do shit with it. Every time this happens, the D gets to sag off and reset.
Ok couple of points here.

If your trying to make Pascal and Scottie work then we need to see more of them in two man action. Pick and rolls, same side of the court 2 man post and cuts. Something!

Gary Trent is unplayable. Get him out of here. Simple as that. If he can’t play D. And can’t shoot. Then good riddance.

Masai needs to try SOMETHING to fix the bench. I ain’t sure what that is. But something. Tonight we got killed by god damn Donte divincenzo and Jason hart.
Tonight we got killed by god damn Donte divincenzo and Jason hart.

and here's the thing...that's a normal NBA bench doing normal NBA bench things. Only 6 games going tonight, we saw Hart & DiVincenzo make impacts, but here's more:

- Shamet, Kispert, & Coulibaly combined for 40 points on 15/26 shooting including 7/9 from outside
- Orlando got an efficient 32 with a bunch of other stuff from Ingles and Mo Wagner
- Grizzlies got a very efficient 51 from Nowell, Aldama, & Williams to beat Dallas...who didn't get much scoring from their bench other than a solid 12 from the other Curry
- Philly got 29 from Covington & Mo Bamba...Covington throwing in a Scottie Barnes type effort with 5 steals as well. Boston didn't get much other than a nice shooting night from Hauser and Pritchard being Pritchard.
- San Antonio got 48 points from their bench in a losing effort against the Pelicans, who got 18 points in 22 bench minutes from Trey Murphy

This is normal. Every night, almost every game in the NBA sees bench players making positive impacts. "Bench" is not synonomous with trash. In Toronto though, trash is the norm. 25 points on 11/33, including a fucking hilarious 1/9 from outside. May as well have stayed on the fucking bus.
Here's our bench over the last 6 games (3-3)

Tonight: 25 points on 11/33 (1/9)
Vs Suns: 29 points on 10/27 (4/12)
Vs Nets: 39 points on 16/32 (6/14)
Vs Cavs: 25 points on 8/26 (3/14)
Vs Bulls: 32 points on 10/22 (4/12)
Vs Pacers: 32 points on 10/17 (5/9)

So over the last 6 games they were good enough to make a positive impact offensive once (though on low volume, but at least they were efficient). Averagish twice, once with the type of scoring volume most NBA teams are getting from their bench, and 3 other games they've been straight up detrimental to the cause, league worst type shit.