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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread

So this is a cautionary tale on tanking. The Raptors have been as bad recently as any Raptors team we've seen in years. It's been a long ass time since we've played this bad. They're 4-12 over that period. Even if we were that terrible over an entire season that's a 21 win pace.

21 wins this season would finish 5th worst. 5th worst. Here's the best 5-9 pick over the last bunch of drafts

2010 - Demarcus Cousins
2011 - Kemba Walker
2012 - Damian Lillard
2013 - Kentavious Caldwell Pope
2014 - Julius Randle
2015 - Willy Cauley Stein
2016 - Jamal Murray
2017 - Lauri Markannen
2018 - Trae Young
2019 - Darius Garland
2020 - Obi Toppin
2021 - Franz Wagner

I see one program changer there worth being this bad for. Some flawed franchise level guys, good starters, good rotation players. Very few years where there's nothing available there, which is nice so there's definitely a nice player to pull out of the 5 spot if your scouting gets is right, but I don't know if you're building a good team with most of that list as your best player. Shit, I don't know if you're building a contending team with many of those if you landed 2 in a row.

And that's your reward for winning 21 games, lottery balls notwithstanding.