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OT: What are you Watching/Listening/Drinking?

Steely Dan.

so I’d always “known” of Steely Dan, but because of their name and the one or two songs I heard that don’t really represent who they are, I always mistakenly chalked them up as a Lynnard Skynnard or Thin Lizzy type band, and never delved any further.

Then I found that Donald Fagen album which obviously turned me on to who & what Steely Dan are actually about….only to discover they’re maybe my ideal band, given all the jazz & funk influences.

Also just unreal sonic depth & quality, especially incredible on good headphones, great sardonic narrative lyrics…can’t believe these genius pricks were right there in front of me all these years, and I never knew it.

The Nightfly & Aja in particular are two albums that are absolute goddamn masterpieces.

Haha, not dogging the quality of either….kinda meant the opposite as the Steely Dan “hits” came across to me as lesser versions of bands already out there….as opposed to the unique 1 of 1, that they are.

Their popular tunes just aren’t great representations of who they are, imo.
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I wasn't overly impressed with what I've heard from Steely Dan (which, in fairness, is very little). Tried to give the Aja album a shot a couple of times but it just felt a little too jazzy and boring for me. But I acknowledge I didn't give it enough of a chance.

I just added it to my phone last week planning to give it another spin, and I definitely haven't given these guys enough of a deep dive. So I will definitely give that album and a few of their other songs a good long listen this month.