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OT: World Politics


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Video came out yesterday of a Russian soldier castrating a Ukrainian POW with a box cutter.

The UN’s reaction today:


You gotta hope there's a lot of Russians doing this right now



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Wow. They finally whacked Chubais, eh?

It’s been coming. He was a big, big wheel in the 90s - architect of economic liberalization and the rise of the kleptocrats before the KGB finally got their house in order and put all these upstarts in their place. Chubais seemed to hang in there for a while, but his pesky insistence on laws, property rights and transparency wasn’t popular with the Moscow siloviki.

He was against the war, so his long-standing enemies pounced. I’m surprised it took this long.


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I wonder how Elvira Nabiullina, Chairwoman of the Russian Central Bank, is doing?

She tried to resign at the start of the war, but they wouldn’t let her. Apparently she’s rather brilliant but, as we know, you can’t ever “retire” from the mafia.