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TML? More like FML, amirite? Yet Another Off Season Thread


Yes, I'm kidding people.
Shanny badly does not want to have to fire Dubas. He would if he truly feels its in the best interest in the team, but he won't cave to public, or board pressure. Its Brendan fucking Shanahan, not some twirp exec like Dubas.
Fair enough, but if he extends Dubas without Leafs breaking that slump then he puts the target on himself.

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Let’s be honest, does Bell and Rogers want to win or make a fuck ton of money selling Austin/Biebs crossover merch?

no one has been fired because they perform where it counts.
if we look to the Jays, winning is obviously far from Rogers' top priority


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At this point I have no allegiance to Shan/Dubas at all, with the caveat that if one or both are replaced - that they hire another hot-shot GM, not a retread.


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I remind you that the two organizations that hold majority ownership of the Leafs are Rogers and Bell.

Not exactly the two most progressive and forward-thinking of organizations.

it's no longer forward thinking to embrace analytics....the NHL is way behind MLB, NFL, NBA but even they would admit the earth is not flat. Even if they hired an ex-player/culture guy, that person would be armed with one of the biggest analytics staffs in the league.

Look at the Habs...they love their ex-player GMs but they love $$$ more....


Yes, I'm kidding people.
It's just weird that they can ignore the whole college arena, not paying bills, late paying signing bonuses issue and being 31st overall while stating Leafs issue is they haven't won rounds.
That's why I joked that someone will eventually say they'll give him the team. It's ridiculous.


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ah, so we don't have to worry about the optics of "firing" Dubas. the team will simply "go in a different direction" if need be and not renew him.

I don't care who the GM is as long as this team doesn't waste the two best players they've had in decades. doing a bang up job so far sadly.


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Would be a great case study on "values"

No arena, no committed fan base and a brand that likely has negative value. Entire value would be based off of expected revenue sharing and TV deal, which is why they are less valuable then a brand new franchise.


Yes, I'm kidding people.
Yeah I think 400m is high if Florida is only $450m. The Panthers arena is very nice and the team greatly improved. Not even close to what AZ is.